Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Beyond Cars?

Beyond Cars is bringing a revolution to the used-car-trading business. Buying and selling used cars could be a stressful process, or some might even say a painful experience. You bring your car for a check-up, deliver your car to the potential seller for a test-drive while he or she keeps asking petty questions, or if you are the buy side, you need to worry if the seller is offering a reasonable price and whether he or she has done something fishy with the vehicle.

At Beyond Cars, things are going to be totally different. Our professional team of car enthusiasts will keep your hassle to the minimum, while ensuring buyers can pay as little as possible and sellers reaping highest possible gains. We can do that because we dont have to worry about the heavy overheads incurred from traditional dealers.

If you wish to purchase a car directly from us, you can be assured that our cars are fully inspected by HKMI, IPMC or other independent inspection companies, which means you will have a clear picture of the comprehensive health of the car before you proceed to buy it. All our cars come with a free 1-month, 3000 KM warranty.

Buying a Car
You may find the answer from these FAQs:
How do I know I am getting a good car?
Beyond Cars prides itself in the quality of the cars we select to sell. All cars are fully inspected by leading professionals in the industry. Every car we sell comes with a full inspection report completed by either HKMI or IPMC, two of the most reputable names in the field of auto inspection.
How do I know I am getting a good price?
Our pricing model is based on facts and data as we factor a variety of sources into our algorithm, including historical and real-time market data. Traditional dealers, burdened by heavy overheads incurred from fancy showrooms in premium locations, transfer their rental costs to buyers, but we dont. We have no fancy showrooms, so the price we attach to our cars is a number that truly reflects their market value.
Why do I need to pay $100-500 for a test drive?

This fee is considered a deposit. We will ask for this amount every time a car is booked for test drive. You may consider this as a fundamental cost for pertrol and toll so we can deliver the car to your desired test drive location. This amount is more affordable compared to our competitors which charge 10% of the cars listing price. Through our lean operation, we can drive our final selling price down for your benefit.

Dont worry, the amount will be fully refunded when you purchase any cars from us within 60 days.

What happens after I book a car for test drive?

Upon receiving your booking for a test drive, our car enthusiast will call you within 24 hours to confirm your desired schedule and location before bringing the car to you. Please ensure that the person registered for the test drive is holding a valid driver’s license.

The assigned car enthusiast would render his professional assistance during the test drive, addressing any queries you may have regarding the vehicle. Should you decide to purchase the car, our car enthusiast will do his best to facilitate the buying process.

How can I pay for a car once I decide to buy it?

You would be asked to pay 10% of selling price in cash, cheque, cashiers order or bank transfer.

You may then consider how you would like to settle the outstanding amount. Should you wish to seek any finance options, our Car Enthusiast will be more than happy to offer their advice accordingly.

Do I have to pay any commission once I decide to buy a car?

For cars under consignment, Beyond Cars doesnt reap the difference, every penny goes to the seller pocket. You will only need to pay us a modest 4% commission based on the final selling price.

Please be assured that our car enthusiasts will let you know first thing whether the car is consigned with us.

What are cars under consignment?

Beyond Cars doesnt own cars under consignment, we simply sell on behalf of their original owners.

Certain consigned cars information on our website might not be as comprehensive as others mainly because they are still under the possession of their owners.

Can I trade in my old car with Beyond Cars?

Yes, we absolutely accept trade-ins.

If you have a car to trade in, please tell our car enthusiast when we call you back to arrange the test drive. We will provide a quote as part of your purchase consideration.

Do you help with financing?

Yes. Beyond Cars helps you to finance the purchase through our partners OCBC Wing Hang Bank & Hitachi Capital (HK).

Our professional team of car enthusiasts will assist throughout your loan application in order to keep your hassle to the minimum.

What do you do with the car after you take it off the hands of the seller?
When a car reaches Beyond Cars, our car genius will identify and perform any necessary repairs. It is then inspected by HKMI or IPMC for a 300-point comprehensive health check. Finally, we wash, photograph and list the car for sale.

Selling a Car
You may find the answer from these FAQs:
What price will Beyond Cars offer to buy my car?
In most cases, Beyond Cars is able to make the highest offer because we dont have to worry about blood-sucking expenses on renting showrooms or hiring old-school salesmen. Without these burdens and overheads, we share with you more, which means buyers can pay less and sellers can get more.
Who will inspect my car?

Certified professionals from either HKMI or IPMC will conduct full inspections that comply with our 300-point Inspection standard.

How do Beyond Cars price my car?
Our pricing model is based on facts and data as we factor a variety of sources into our algorithm, including historical and real-time market data. The price we attach to our cars is a number that truly reflects their market value.
Do I have to pay additional fees for consignment?
No, you dont have to pay anything upfront. The amount on your final pay cheque will be net of parking fees (1500/month), commission (if any) and repair costs (if any).
What if I don’t want to wait, can I still sell my car on Beyond Cars?
Yes, you can sell the car directly to us instead of consignment. We are able to give you a very competitive offer as we operate on extremely low costs.
What if I change my mind and dont want to consign anymore?
You can sell your car directly to us anytime during your consignment period. Conversely, if you wish to take your car back from us, simply settle the outstanding parking fees and HK$2,000, which is the cost for an inspection report by a third-party auto inspector and the cost for servicing the car.